How to backup your Android phone to the cloud

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Android Hacks




If your mobile device is ever lost or destroyed, you will be lose your important contacts and important memories. To combat with this situation, online backup for your phone is always a good idea.

With Avast Mobile Backup, You can easily backup your contacts, call logs , SMS text messages and other irreplaceable data.

avast! Mobile Backup saves your contacts, call logs, SMS history, photos, and other irreplaceable data to your AVAST Account (and, optionally, Google Drive) to ensure that your priceless data is never lost.

With below image you can easily understand, how actually it,s working.


If your mobile device is ever lost or destroyed.

simply access your account via your new device and restore/import your history and data directly into it.

Tap your Play store on your android phone and install avast Mobile backup app on your device.


now it will ask you to create a Avast account. tap on the Set up avast account .


now it will give you option to use your Facebook account or email address.i just selected my gmail address and then it will ask for setup Google Drive.


now click on the Run Backup option to start your backup.


Now your automatic backup will start after each Nine hour.


Enjoy your cloud backup with Avast.

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