Posted: October 20, 2013 in Android Hacks


When we are constantly connected and always communicating with the rest of the world, some of us begin to feel a little uneasy when we can’t do so, for example, while driving a car. Talking on the phone without using a Bluetooth hands-free device is not the safest thing to do, but, unfortunately, it has become a common sight on roads across the world. Reading and replying to text messages or emails while driving are even more dangerous. Not only does it distract you, it also takes one hand away from the steering wheel. Research has revealed that a large number of road accidents occur due to driving while messaging, emailing and chatting on smartphones.

There is a good tool that will make driving safer for you and your family members. is a free mobile app that you can download from It runs on most popular smartphone platforms like Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Once installed, you can switch the app on and off as per your convenience. Now, if you receive any email or a text message while driving, will read it out aloud to you in a voice of your choice!

Download Link:





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