Best Android Hacks

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Android Hacks


Want to know useful android hacks? Here are top 15 android hacks , that will teach you a lot new things about android! You should use these hacks and take your smart phone to the next level.

1. Use your Android Phone as a Wireless Hotspot

Here is useful android hack that will let you share your data connection on your Android device wirelessly with other cell phones, tablets, computers, laptops.

1) Press Menu button and go to Settings

2) Click the “Wireless & networks”

hacks for android

3) Select “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot”. Your phone will start acting like a wireless access point.

wirless hack

4)Find and Connect to the New Wi-Fi Hotspot created

new wifi hotspot

5) You can change the default password, security level, router name (SSID) in the Wi-Fi hotspot settings.

2. Use Swype To Input Words Faster

Once you get used to it, you’ll be writing messages and emails faster than ever , with one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, you’ll be able to input at over 40 words per minute.

Get Swype Beta for Android

3. Use Prey To Track Down Your Lost Or Stolen Phone

Prey is a free app that lets you track your phone. Download PREY

4.How To Root Your Android Phone

Rooting is risky but very useful hack by which you regain administrative access to your phone. Many free apps are available only on rooted android phones. CLICK HERE to get android routing guide.

5.Take Screenshots For Free On Android 4.0

If you’re using Android 4.0 or later, then you can use simple hack that let’s you take screenshots. Just press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. Android will save the screenshot to your Gallery.
Some manufacturers build special screenshot shortcuts into their pre-Android 4.0 devices. The Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II : press and hold the Home button, then quickly press the Power button to take a screenshots.
The Galaxy S: press and hold the Back button and the Power button to take a screenshots

6.Make a Google Navigation Shortcut

If you often use the Navigation system to get to the same places, like home for instance, you can add instant navigation shortcuts to your Android home screens for faster Navigation directions.

Long-press on the home screen, then choose Shortcuts.

Select Directions and Navigation.

Fill in the address at the top, then choose what sort of directions you will want; driving, biking, public transit, or walking. Choose a name for the shortcut, and then pick an appropriate icon at the bottom.

7. How To Play GBA Games On Android

Want to play gameboy advance games as Fire Emblem, Pokemon, or Mario Kart on your phone. You need to install GBAoid emulator on your android phone to play GBA games This emulator is not available on Google Play, so you’ll need to give your Android device permission to install apps from outside this marketplace.

To do this, enter the “Settings” – > “Applications”, and tick “Unknown Sources”.

Download GBAoid from this LINK

Use a file manager app on the phone to find the GBAoid APK and click “Install”
The next step is get a GBA BIOS file. Here is the video tutorial that explains how to do it How to get GBA on Droid

Open GBAoid , find the ROM file , and click it to play.

8. Improve battery life

To improve your battery life set display brightness to adjust automatically. Press Menu -> Settings ->Display -> Brightness -> Mark Automatic brightness

9. How To Surf Faster

The most Wi-Fi is significantly faster than 3G, but probably not as fast as LTE . So if you’re in area where LTE isn’t available but Wi-FI is available , then turn it on and take advantage of the faster speeds a Wi-Fi hot-spot can offer.

10. How To Create an Android App

If you have some basic Java knowledge, it’s quite easy to create a simple Android app. Technically, you don’t even have to have an Android smartphone, because you can run and test your app in an emulator. Nevertheless, having a smartphone is a better option.

Here is the list of things you need: Eclipse IDE, Android ADT plugin for Eclipse, Android smartphone, Android SDK which matches the Android version on your smartphone

Read more at my previous article How To Create an Android App, it explains how to create a simple Hello World app .

11. How To Control Your Computer Using Android

Recently I have discovered this new app for Android called unified remote, which lets you connect your android phone to your computer and you can control programs, keyboard and mouse. So you can control almost everything on your computer. You can also upgrade it to premium for $4 , that will allow you to have more control over your PC. Read more in my previous article How To Control Your Computer Using Android

12. How To Add Multiple Email Addresses On An Android

To add gmail account go to Settings

then click on Accounts and sync

choose add account

select google

then you can create or sign in your google account

click on finish setup

choose to sync contact and gmail

When you open a gmail you’ll be able to switch between accounts

If you want to have yahoo or hotmail account then choose Corporate

Enter your email address and password, for hotmail enter into Exchange server field , for yahoo enter

then you can choose how often your email will be checked and notification and sync settings

13. How to Install Android on Your iPhone

If you like features of an Android but prefer the design of an iPhone, then you should to install android on your iPhone. Sounds impossible … Read more at

14. Use night vision hack to save battery power

THis hack will save power battery power for 40 %. It will take your eyes a little while to get used but in certain situations it can be very useful. Here is VIDEO TUTORIAL that explains how to do it.

15. How to turn that camera shutter sound off

Want to kill annoying camera shutter sound ? Follow instructions below:

Download Tasker application
Open Tasker
Make sure the Profiles tab is selected.
Click on the green plus sign to create a new task.
Give it a name such as “Camera Silence.”
Press the green check mark.
Select “Application” when the first ontext windows pops up.
Highlight the “Camera” app.
Press the green check mark.
Select “New Task” (name here is optional)
Press the green check mark.
Press the blue plus sign.
Select “Audio.”
Select “Silent Mode”
Under mode select the drop down box and select “on”
Press the green check mark.
Press the green check mark.
Press the green check mark.


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