5 Essential Android Hacks

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Android Hacks


  1.Change Icons

To change app icons use third party launcher, such as Apex Launcher Download an icon apex launcher download an icon pack like Metroststion from Play Store.Locate the icon that you want to change,tap and hold on it and choose edit shortcuts to select new icon view.


2.Get Longer Battery Life


The latest breed of Dual and quad code processor in our phone do a good job of power management,but you can squeeze a little more power out of your phone’s by taking the multicore management into your own hands CPU sleeper Dual Core and  CPU Sleerper Quad Core are two apps that shut down the extra cores when the device is in standby mode. Some processors will handle this by default,so the results may vary.


3. Create a Guest Mode

By using switch me root profile manager you can create a second user profile you can let others use your tablet without them being able to through your messages or have to deal with all of notification.This is an essential tool for tablets.


4.Block Apps by using the web


Droidwall Android Firewall is a handy app to block other app’s network access.Choose whether a app should be blocked by Wi-Fi,mobile data or both .Great for saving battery,managing mobile data allowance or preventing apps from logging on to services in the background without you knowing.

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5.Increase your screen resolution

If your device has a small screen or your eye sight isn’t great, increase or decrease the density of your screen by using LCD Density for root. 



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