Posted: October 12, 2013 in Android Hacks




Have you ever received a call from a number that is not stored in your contacts list and you wished there was a way to find out who is to speak to—install the True Caller app on your mobile phone.

True Caller ( is a free app that can be installed on almost all mobile phone models, including phones that do not have a smartphone operating system. True Caller is a global directory containing millions of phone numbers that have been sourced from public directories, yellow pages and crowd sourcing techniques.

Once True Caller has been installed on your mobile phone, whenever you receive a phone call from a number that does not exist in your address book, True Caller will automatically attempt to identify the name of the unknown caller by searching for it in its global database. In other words, True Caller works like a caller ID for even those numbers that are not listed in your address book. In the example here, I receive a phone call from an unknown number

My Android phone and True Caller is able to identify the name tit the caller almost instantaneously. The only thing True Caller need  for it to work is Internet access on your phone.


 Caller also allows you to type the name of a person and search calling? Never get stuck talking to a boring relative you don’t want

One of the techniques used by True Caller to grow its vast database of numbers is to opt in crowd sourcing  In other words, whenever someone installs the app on their phone, they have the option to enable something known as Enhanced Search, which will allow True Caller to upload all entries from that mobile phone’s address book to their global database. By installing True Caller, your entire address book becomes a part of the publicly searchable True Caller database, without the permission of the people who own those numbers.

True Caller is obviously a very powerful tool. However, if you want to protect your privacy and want to unlist your phone number from their publicly searchable database, you can do it from


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